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AirDisaster.Com News
Discuss this story in our forums! Posted: 09 February 2004, 12:41am ET (0541 GMT)

Terrorists planning to assemble bombs on planes.
LONDON (AFP) - Terrorist groups plan to evade strict airport security by carrying bombs components onto flights and assembling the devices only when they are on the plane, according to a report.

Teams of terrorists have carried out at least 12 "dry runs" of the plan, The Observer weekly said, quoting unnamed security sources in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

The idea was to test the scheme on flights around the Mediterranean and the Middle East, where security standards are less stringent, before attempting to bring down a transatlantic airliner.

A series of flights from Britain and France to the United States were cancelled over the Christmas and New Year period, and again last month, after US authorities warned of a "credible threat" of an attack.

Security on flights has been beefed up greatly since the al-Qaeda terrorist group caused carnage on September 11, 2001 by taking over a series of flights and using them as missiles.

According to The Observer, the new plan has been recounted by captured Islamic militants and has been corroborated by intercepted communications between terror groups.

US authorities have warned that teams of five passengers could carry aboard separate components of a bomb hidden in modified items such as cameras, the paper said.

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