International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)
Analysis and Recommendations Regarding TWA Flight 800

The international Asssociation of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has submitted their report to the NTSB as Parties to the investigation. As such they had access to all the information available to the NTSB and other Parties and have formed some opinions that are at odds with the official NTSB line.  The Full IAMAW report is available here.  Following are some interesting exerpts:

On their treatment by the FBI:

On the condition of Aircraft Wiring:

On the Fuel Measuring System as a source of a spark:

Fire and Explosion of the Center Wing Tank:

It is obvious from the IAMAW's report that they clearly do not buy the NTSB's trumped up explanation that the Center Wing Tank blew itself up, spontaneously.  It was blown up by some external event.  In fact, they point out that if the CWT explosion was the initiating event, there is no indication that the force of the explosion could have been enough to rupture the hull, much less decapitate the strongest aricraft ever built.

One might ask, why is the IAMAW challenging the NTSB's official line while TWA and Boeing have taken a more diplomatic approach to questioning the theory?  Good question.  Probably because they do not rely on the good graces of the Federal Government.for all manner of oversight.  Boeing needed the government's approval to merge with McDonnall Douglass and help with sales of aricraft to China.  TWA is highly regulated and subject to the NTSB and FAA oversight on a daily basis.  The government could bring TWA to its knees by selective application of the hundreds of regulations they administer.

It is significant to note that the NTSB did not make this document available on its website for a mass audience.  It was found on an obsecure "reading room" computer at the NTSB headquarters along with thousands of document, buried in the shear volume of information.  In addition, it is not possible to make electronic copies from that computer, you must print it page by page.  We obtained a printed copy, scanned it and converted the document to Acrobat for mass distribution.  This is something the NTSB should be doing and has a legal obligation to do under their charter.

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