Man Portable Air Defense Systems - MANPADS

The Smoking Gun - Missile Experts Presentation to the FBI, August 1996new

Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS)
"Since initial deployment Stinger has, in combat, defeated more modern fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters than any other fighter, helicopter or missile system worldwide since the Second World War."  Jane's Defense Weekly

See Jane's Defense Weekly description of the Stinger Capability - 10-19-00
How many Stingers does bin Laden have? - 10-8-99 

Directory of US Military Rockets & Missiles - FIM -92 Stinger - 1-18-05

Military Stinger Test looks a lot like what the Eyewitnesses Described 

Stinger enroute--------->Stinger Impact Explosion---------->Fuel Fireball
Stinger in flight appears as streak, at impact as a white flash.   Burning fuel is orange.
Many eyewitnesses described "streak of light", leaving a "white smoke trail", which terminated in a "bright white flash", that subsequently evolved into two "yellow/orange smoke trails" or fireballs.
CDR. Donaldson's Comments on the Stinger Missile Test

Chinese QW-1 Shoulder-Fired Missile - Range 3.1 miles, Altitude >13,000 ft.

RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)new

Stinger Missile & Russian SA-7

How Stuff Works - Stinger

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  Missile-------- 80%


  Bomb --------  4%


  Fuel Tank --- 14%

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