Appendix FF  - Following is a synopsis by an independent investigator.

Interested readers perusing the massive (3200+ pages) NTSB document dump on
eyewitness matters shouldn't miss Appendix FF:

"Correspondence from the CIA and Transcript of the CIA Briefing to the
Witness Group April 30,1999"

In as grave a matter as the TWA 800 tragedy, it is perhaps inappropriate to
find anything amusing, but this document really does have some moments of
comedy.  Bob Young of TWA and Dennis Rodrigues of Boeing politely ridicule
and in my opinion convincingly discredit the CIA "analysis" and video
scenario.  Their exchanges with the anonymous "CIA Analyst #1" are
reminiscent of Lt. Colombo ensnaring a particularly oleaginous villain.

I particularly enjoyed where the spook boasts about their sophisticated
software package that they used in plotting trajectories and planning the
video:  DeLorme Street Atlas 4.0.

The hapless CIA rep bloviates about 2000 man hours of work when it is
obvious that everyone in the room considers the CIA work product a worthless
farce.   The major media of course accepted it without question.

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