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Washington, DC - July 14, 2000 For Immediate Release

TWA EyeWitness Alliance to Hold Press Conference 
on the 4th Anniversary of the TWA Flight 800 Crash

When:     Monday, July 17, 2000 at 10:30 a.m.
Where:    National Press Club, Zenger Room

Eyewitnesses to the tragic crash of TWA Flight 800 will hold a press conference Monday, supported by three independent crash researchers. Eyewitnesses, representing the TWA Eye-Witness Alliance, will describe what they saw and express the indignation eyewitnesses feel toward the government’s refusal to pay attention to their evidence. 

The independent researchers will discuss their latest findings and their efforts to expose the fact that the NTSB's theory is a complete fabrication, unsupported by the evidence uncovered so far and that other evidence is being withheld or ignored by the NTSB and FBI either through sheer incompetence or through an overt desire to avoid the embarrassment of the real cause of this tragic crash. Presenting at the press conference will be: 

Eyewitnesses - Three of the 755 eyewitnesses interviewed by the FBI will relate what they saw — Dwight Brumley, who from an airliner 5000 feet above TWA 800, saw a missile blow it up; Fred Meyer, veteran helicopter pilot, who saw a missile strike the plane from his National Guard helicopter; Michael Wire, who was falsely described by the CIA as having provided the evidence on which its absurd video simulation of the crash was based.  All three agree that this simulation bears no relationship to reality. The 755 eyewitness statements were only recently released by the NTSB, who themselves only recently got access to them from the FBI, 3 1/2 years after the crash. These statements, now available on were kept secret for nearly four years. They refute the CIA video and the NTSB center-fuel-tank theory and to the average reader will make clear that a missile was responsible for this tragic crash. The eyewitnesses were barred from the December 1997 public hearing. They demand to be heard at the Final NTSB hearing on August 22-23. The independent researchers are:

James Sanders - The journalist who, along with his wife, was prosecuted last year for receiving a piece of seat fabric and having it tested at an independent lab to determine if it contained residue of rocket fuel. Mr. Sanders will present photos of what he believes is evidence of tampering with evidence by the FBI and NTSB. See the article at 

Dr. Tom Stalcup - Chairman of the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO), which last year succeeded in getting important radar data that the government had been withholding.  Mr. Stalcup will discuss his organization's frustrating efforts to pry information from the NTSB and FBI over the last three years. Notwithstanding the clear application of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), these agencies have systematically stalled, delayed, lied and even stubbornly refused to comply with orders from their own FOIA appeals processes. FIRO will file a suit on July 17 to force the government to comply with another FOIA request for information about the shrapnel found in many of the TWA Flight 800 victims.

Cmdr. W. S. Donaldson, USN-Ret. - Chief investigator for the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals (ARAP). This group, which includes many aviation professionals with extensive crash investigation experience and senior retired military officers including Adm. Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, believes the aircraft was shot down and will present additional physical evidence.

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