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Dear Mr. Mayer David,

We are truly sorry you found "The Unseen Health Hazards of the conventional Jetliner" ( and the "TWA Flight 800 Investigation: Who benefited?" ( emails so upsetting that you wish to unsubscribe from

Normally, we simply unsubscribe requesters without comment but as you are obviously aware, these bulletins, including the "The Dangers of 'Modern' Commercial Aircraft as Exemplified by the Concorde Crash" (see were all three inspired by the outrageous, negligent, unprofessional and criminal behavior displayed by the NTSB which cannot be left without protest.

Both you and the NTSB must be aware that inaction, negligence, and "head in the sand" approaches to aircraft safety has, and will continue to result in thousands more innocent people crashing and burning to death in unsafe aircraft.  The most irresponsible and heinous of these crimes is allowing and encouraging the practice of attaching landing-gear and engines to aircraft fuel tank supporting structures.  This dangerous practice, combined with excessive take-off and landing speeds on over stressed tires is not only criminal, but devious in that it is done knowingly, willingly, intelligently, and with full understanding of its deadly potential; crimes against humanity.

Indeed, why hasn't the NTSB advised the public of the fragility of conventional aircraft fuselages as in virtually all relatively minor accidents the fuselage breaks into two or three pieces?  After all, the NTSB has received and has admitted to seeing the video which shows the crash of the Burnelli UB-14 (see and shows the cabin remaining in one piece despite the catastrophic attitude of the craft as it crashed into the ground, the survival of its occupants and the lack of fire.  The NTSB is also aware of General H. H. Arnold's - the man who built the Air Force into a viable fighting force during WWII - statement:

  " 5. The [Burnelli Lifting Body] design embodies extremely good factors   of safety--considerably higher than the streamlined fuselage type.   ..... In my opinion it is essential, in the interest of the national   defense, that this procurement be authorized."  

If you read down this far, thanks for any time you may take in considering your duties and responsibilities as you are in a position to be either your brother's "keeper", or his "executioner".  The choice is yours and that of the NTSB.

In the meantime, pursuant to your request we've unsubscribed you from our email list as receiving our emails doesn't, in any case, in and of itself, make either your actions/inactions in the perpetuation of the dangerous conventional aircraft (or those of the NTSB) any less criminal.


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