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Air Roulette, Anyone?

November 13, 2001

by Jack Duggan

At around 9:15 this morning, a multitude of witnesses heard an explosion overhead, looked up and saw debris falling from the sky. The debris was scattered over a wide area, including into Jamaica Bay, between JFK Airport and the long bony protrusion of the Far Rockaway Peninsula where part of the debris destroyed at least four buildings.

It is believed by many that a shoulder-launched stinger missile (from Afghanistan) was fired from a small boat beneath the path of Flight 800. Could today's downing of Flight 587 have been from the same cause? After all, there are a lot of small craft on Jamaica Bay and no one can track all of them.

What makes it suspicious is that the NTSB spokeswoman in D.C. is already calling today's crash " accident." And Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has done his fair share, declaring that more people did NOT hear an explosion than did, implying that it was merely a 'catastrophic engine failure.' Yeah, sure, like when our cars blow up into pieces when their engines fail.

The instant spin-control is unbelievable. When a man called in saying "I saw the WHOLE thing," there were sudden "technical difficulties" and we were not allowed to hear what he had to say.

An NBC in-the-street interview yielded a pilot who flies the exact same A300 aircraft. He started to say :...the engines in this aircraft have in-built safeguards that...," but they shut him off. Again it was due to "technical difficulties."

My 12 year old commented that it was "..definitely an accident; the part of the aircraft where the wing meets the plane accidentally rubbed against a missile warhead, causing a spark that made the plane's fuel tank explode." Out of the mouths of babes...

But just wait and you will hear the mantra of the lapdog media: "...accident, accident, accident...."

Scripture says that the love of money is the root of all evil. And this applies splendidly in this case: all of Congress who runs and hides from a few spores tells us to go to work and use public transportation. Congress is not obeying common sense or furthering patriotism. It is obeying the PAC money from the airlines, supranational corporations and their investors who don't want to lose millions of dollars a day when citizens balk from flying Air Tango Roulette, which is what every airline has become.

It was "consumer confidence" (translation: money) that caused them to minimize the Flight 800 tragedy. Flight 800 was clearly shot down not far from today's Flight 587, but the truth was spun horrendously toward the ludicrous fuel tank theory. That is, ludicrous to the designers, pilots and mechanics of that aircraft, but what do they know? And why did the SAIC in charge of the Flight 800 investigation quit the FBI in disgust if the government told the truth about Flight 800?

So, all of you remember to buy, buy, buy more airline tickets, because the New World Order needs your money to fund telling you even more lies while taking away even more of your rights, all in the name of protecting you, of course.

It is ironic that the same media that never noticed the treasons of Willy Clintoon and Al Bore that now is supposed to be trusted to find the truth behind the disintegration of Flight 587. Fat chance.

I don't know about you, but I'm not holding my breath. I already know the outcome of this new 'investigation.' And I'm sure not flying anywhere for a long time.


Jack Duggan [send him mail] is a retired executive who lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, NJ) with his wife and three children.

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