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Arm Pilots Suggestion; 
I Dealt with Middle East Terrorism

Jane Garvey FAA Admin.
(202)267-3333,, (Separate E-Mail)
President Bush
Vice President Chaney
Senators via separate E-Mail
House Member via form page
Norman Y. Mineta, Sec. of Transportation   via Pres. Bush
Carol J. Carmody NTSB                                via Pres. Bush
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Florida Sports Shooters Association
FBI via FBI-White Collar Crime-Terrorism site form

FAA Admin. Garvey,

This is a written follow up on the call that I made to
your office 9/12/2001, mid morning stating that airliners
should not fly until pilots are armed with handguns.

As someone who has lived both in Egypt and Saudi
Arabia (certain citizens linked to terrorism) and having
been a victim of terrorism, there are certain ways to
counter airline highjacking and minimize destruction
of our Bill of Rights.......and be much more effective
in countering terrorism.

These World Trade Center terrorist incidents most
likely would have been prevented by:

1. Arm airline pilots with handguns and mase.
    Airline pilots represent one of the most physically
    and mentally monitored groups in the U.S. (49 CFR).
    If they are not capable of the emergency use of
    handguns, no one is.
2. Reinforce the cockpit door.
3. Make it a FAA administrative law that airline pilots
    are to not open the flight deck door and are to
    immediately land if terrorists attempt to take over
    an airplane.
    Start dumping fuel if indicated and possible.

Not discussed on phone:
4. A couple of cameras in the passenger cabin for flight
    deck crew to see problems brewing.
5. Randomly put Sky Marshals on airliners.

The Russians and Israelis essentially have no highjackings.....
.....Do what works.

You can spend millions on intelligence, airport security
and retribution but nothing usually works as well as the
"good guys" being better armed than the
crime occurs.

It is unacceptable that we had seen the death of probably
5,000 people because of violation of the original intent
of the Second Amendment w/r to airline pilots.

George C. Jeffrey
Jacksonville FL

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