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Letter from Flight 800 Family Member to his Friends

Dear Friend of Mark L. Berry,

Please read this note which reflects a subject very personal to me.

July 17th marked the 4th year since TWA 800.

You probably care what really happened but the last 4 years have filled your
life with more pressing matters.

Do you remember that your President was caught perjuring (pronounced lying)?

Do you believe that your Federal Government values National Security and
secrecy or a commitment to revealing the truth to the American public?

Do you remember reading about "missile residue" being called "glue" in the
papers. did you know that when the news reported that 96% of the 747
fuselage was reconstructed that they failed to mention that the right wing
has never been reconstructed?  Do you remember reading that "the missing
fuel boost pump" was a probable cause of the center tank explosion?. Do you
know that has since been disproved?  Do you remember reading about static
electricity as a possible cause?  How about overheated packs?  All laughable
explanations long since given up on. but they had their time in the papers
and many of the American public never read that those theories are dead.

Why am I dragging this out?  Because it is my firmest belief that TWA 800
did not come out of the sky without violent help from outside the aircraft.
It is also my firmest belief that 40 million dollars has been spent from the
Federal Government's deep pockets to try and find any scapegoat for the real
truth behind what happened.

Please visit the FIRO (Flight 800 Independent Researchers) website.  See
Radar reports that show vessels moving away from TWA 800 after it exploded
and towards the "active" Warning Area W-105.  See over 700 reports from
eyewitnesses just finally released by the FBI after 4 years!!!  See for
yourself if they don't scream that something was moving towards the 747
before it exploded. some of these eyewitnesses are combat veterans and
career pilots.  260 of these witnesses statements report an object moving
UPWARDS before the explosion.  The FBI has decided to discredit over 700
eyewitnesses yet they leaked a story that a bomb sniffing dog exercise was
conducted on that aircraft by one and only ONE police officer with no
witnesses a month before.  Learn why the "swath of cloth with missile
residue" removed from the Calverton Hangar (by a recovery worker worried he
was witnessing a cover-up) was confiscated by the FBI and still not tested
by an independent entity to this day!

Please make the effort to review this for yourself.  The site is:

After you see the hard work done by just over 50 volunteer professionals. I
would greatly appreciate if you would back your new insight with support to
continue to bring out the truth.  This money goes towards litigation
necessary to gather data through the Freedom of Information Act that the
various government agencies are reluctant to reveal to the public.  The
witness database was just revealed after 4 years!  In the last year I have
donated over $1000 total to either FIRO or to James Sanders who continues to
fight the Justice System for his involvement in trying to get the missile
residue tested.  I have purchased numerous copies of his book "Altered
Evidence" and give them out at my own expense so that I can enlighten 1
person at a time.  If  you want a copy of his book, I'll gladly buy one for
you... or you can order one for $15 at:

Donations to FIRO can be made directly to:
c/o Don Collins
P.O. Box 1592
El Toro, Ca.  92630

Even $10 would be appreciated.

I would be happy to forward any contributions received directly.

Sorry to be so direct and ask for financial support but I have been watching
this ordeal unfold for 4 years.  On August 22nd and 23rd the NTSB is going
to slam the public with more worthless summary in a review called the
"Sunshine Hearings".  Here they will attempt to close the door on the
investigation and bottle the truth.

At the very least, please consider reading with an open mind any statements
made by FIRO in the news as TWA 800 again reaches the headlines during the
Sunshine Hearings.

Mark L. Berry
Pilot, Captain, Check-Airman, and survivor of Susanne, a victim on TWA 800.

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