GAO Finds Boeing Did Not Withhold Fuel Tank Report 

      SEATTLE, November 5, 1999 Congressional investigators say The
 Boeing Company did not intentionally withhold a 1980 study on fuel pump
 performance in the E-4B. The 19-year-old report on fuel tank heating in
 a military version of the Boeing 747 was prepared for the U.S. Air
 Force. "The General Accounting Office investigators found no evidence of
 a conspiracy on Boeing's part to withhold the study," Sen. Chuck
 Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of Judiciary subcommittee on administrative
 oversight, said Thursday. Boeing said the report was not given to
 National Transportation Safety Board investigators probing the 1996 TWA
 Flight 800 explosion because its civilian airliner division was unaware
 of the report prepared by the company's military unit. "That document
 was not withheld," Boeing Chairman and CEO Phil Condit said earlier this
 week. "It was a question of finding it. It was a document about fuel
 pump performance that in retrospect bears a resemblance but, by the way,
 has to do with a configuration that is entirely different (than a
 commercial 747) under a different use. It would not have changed the
 outcome of the investigation.' Company officials also dispute a charge
 by Sen. Grassely that it has established a "pattern of under-reporting"
 on safety issues.