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Deep Down

Let's imagine Jamaica bay is one of the deepest caverns on earth and American Airlines Flight587 is down so deep under water that any recovery would be impossible (No black Boxes). Would the NTSB be able to come to a determination of the cause of the crash? If the only recorded events were the air traffic controller tapes, radar pings and the eyewitness statements. Sure the forensic evidence is of the utmost of value, and expert testimony on airframe systems and the like, can add evidence to support to the determination of the crash. Would the efforts of the NTSB investigators been forced to have focused more on eyewitness accounts and do intensive on site interviews with the witness with survey and measurement equipment?  We would think so! To this day the only people to have made any effort to talk to witness on site were from a fellow citizen, Vic Trombettis @ and a BBC documentary company. 

Two hundred and sixty five persons died that morning on November 12, 2001. They may have been murdered is as good a speculation as the sea gulls, wind turbulence, prior hurricane damage or pilot error.

A single murder investigation in New York City would have numerous detectives talking to witnesses many times over in the quest for a perpetrator for years. Either the NTSB has all the evidence it needed and we eyewitness are in fact unreliable. Then the "smoking gun" should be released. The fact remains that few if any eyewitness were interviewed in depth, on site with personal trained to take statements and measurements. Why?

When a missing person and rightfully so, can tax the law enforcement resources of a city for months.

Two hundred and sixty five people dead in a time of war in a still unexplained crash should have at least accounted for two trained agents to have done on site follow up interviews with the two hundred plus witnesses.

Tom Lynch  Eyewitness


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