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Bill's Status - February 16, 2001

Today, Bill started radiation therapy.  The treatment includes 30 doses of radiation over a period of 6 weeks.  The radiation beam  is precisely targeted at the tumor and disrupts its ability to divide and grow.  There appear to be very few short term side effects other than making him tired after each treatment.  There are few other symptoms as the radiation is a very low dosage.  The radiation's effect is cumulative over time as the damage to the tumor increases with each dose while leaving the normal brain tissue unharmed.

Bill is in good spirits, considering the situation, and is fighting this with his Attack Pilot determination.  Bill is not in any serious pain, but is frustrated at the physical limitations caused by the tumor.

For anyone who wishes to send a card, his address is:

Bill Donaldson
39175 Cobrum's Wharf Road
Avenue, Maryland 20609

Bob Donaldson

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