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Bill's Status - February 3, 2001

On Thursday, Feb 1st, the surgeon got the results of the biopsy and unfortunately their initial suspicions were correct.  Bill has a particularly malignant cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Because it has already impacted the Brain Stem, it will be more difficult to treat, but we are hopeful that his will respond to treatment.  One of Bill's neighbors was written off by his doctors years ago and he is still alive and kicking, so we are all determined to fight this and so is Bill.
Yesterday Bill was released from Walter Reed and transferred to St. Mary's Rehabilitation Center where he will begin a couple of weeks of physical therapy.  He began physical therapy while at Walter Reed and was able to walk with a walker with some assistance.  He still has weakness in his left arm and leg from nerve damage.  He has adequate muscle strength, he just needs to concentrate to move the muscles.  The doctors said he will need to relearn how to use these muscles.
He has an appointment back at Walter Reed on Wednesday, Feb 7th, to have his staples removed and to meet with the radiation and chemotherapy specialists.  He is happy to be back closer to home where it is easier for Joyce and other to visit and looks forward to getting home.
For anyone who wishes to send a card, his address is:
Bill Donaldson
39175 Cobrum's Wharf Road
Avenue, Maryland 20609
Bob Donaldson

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