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Bill's Status - April 16, 2001

Bill celebrated Easter with his family and several close neighbors and friends yesderday at his home in Southern Maryland.  Bill & Joyce and their daughter Teresa and grandson Christopher live in a beautiful, picturesque spot on St. Clements Bay in St. Mary's County, Maryland. 

Although he is still pretty much confined to his bed, we created a bedroom on the first floor porch where he can see all the ducks, geese and boats out the picture windows.  He  improves a little more each day and that is very encouraging.

On the treatment front, his appointment at Walter Reed was postponed/canceled after the doctor found out how much he would have to pay for ambulance service between St. Mary's Co. and Washington (Insurance will not pay for this). 

Dr. Flynn is currently trying to find a local Oncologist who can administer the chemotherapy and do the monthly checkups.  As of today his follow up appointment has not been scheduled.

Here is a website that has a good summary of the treatment:

Bill has been very touched by the many cards and letters he has gotten from the Flight 800 community and I would like to add my thanks as well. For anyone who wishes to send a card, his address is:

Bill Donaldson
39175 Cobrum's Wharf Road
Avenue, Maryland 20609

Bob Donaldson

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