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Bill's Status - June 22, 2001

  Just after the last update, Bill was rushed back to the hospital with siezures.  It seems that the antibiotics they gave him had a negative effect on the antiseizure drug they have been giving him.  They gave him another anti-siezure drug and sent him home after a couple of days.  Unfortunately, within 24 hours he had a reaction to the new drug and was rushed back to the hospital for the 3 time in 2 weeks.  They discontinued the new siezure drug and by this time he had finished the 10 day course of antibiotics and they decided that his old anti-siezure drug was adequate.  After a few more days in the hospital they sent him home again.

The local hospice has agreed to help Joyce and Teresa take care of Bill.  They have a nurse that comes in once a day to help out.  The last three weeks have been a big setback in his physical therapy and he is now mostly confined to bed.  Although Bill is not able to use his computer, he has decided to begin work on his memoirs and is using a tape recorder to dictate his recollections.

Bill began the 2nd month of Chemotherapy and so far has shown no side effects.  We are not sure how effective it is, but at least he does not seem to be getting any worse.  

Here is a website that has a good summary of the treatment:

Bill has been very touched by the many cards and letters he has gotten from the Flight 800 community and I would like to add my thanks as well. For anyone who wishes to send a card, his address is:

Bill Donaldson
39175 Cobrum's Wharf Road
Avenue, Maryland 20609

Bob Donaldson

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