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Dear ARAP,
The night TWA800 went down, our local TV news station aired a video of what apeared to be a flare aproaching the aircraft seconds before the jet exploded.  They also reported on the eye witness accounts to support what the video plainly showed.  That was the first, last and only time I saw that video.  

As we all know, when the media has in its hands this type of video; we the public are always treated to an ongoing barrage of showings over and over again.  This is after all, big news.  When something this big suddenly disapears from the TV screens, my antenni go through the ceiling.  

Sure there has been reporting on TWA800 but I have yet to see that video again on any broadcast.  This video showed a very clear sky and not poor visibility as stated by the NTSB.  I cannot recall which local station broadcasted it but I usualy tune into wtvt ch.13 Tampa Florida.  I have not contacted them on this matter because requests for other news stories have been responded with little or no help at all.  

With such massive amounts of investigating you have done, this seems to me miniscule but, I thought it worth mentioning.  Some where out there is the original home video that captured the actual account of TWA800.  I am a person with little clout and little means but I saw what I saw and have long been suspicious of the Federal investigation of 800.  I would be interested in receiving future e-mails and updates on 800.   Thank you for your attention.

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