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TWA Flight 800 Investigation Should be Re-opened
12/31/02 | John Fiorentino

Posted on 12/31/2002 2:42 PM EST by JohnFiorentino

After several years of looking into the TWA Flight 800 disaster, several things seem certain to this author/investigator. The material in this article comes from a year-end statement posted by myself on another forum.

1. I regard the CWT scenario (as proposed by NTSB) to be insufficient to support their theory as outlined. I will not debate whether or not the CWT "exploded." I believe there is overwhelming evidence that it did. NTSB's inability to pinpoint an ignition source is a major failure, which undermines the investigation's conclusions.

2. Many aspects of the investigation warrant a thorough review, including but not limited to: Analysis of metallurgical limitations in the detection of bomb or missile damage on aircraft wreckage after prolonged immersion in saltwater -- Conclusions relating to the source of PETN and RDX found on the aircraft -- Data used to produce both the CIA and NTSB video depictions of Fl800's demise -- Data used to interpret the FDR -- Review of the CVR (spectral analysis) -- Review of the radar tapes, with special emphasis relating to the "ghosting" purported to have been caused by "Jet Express 18" -- Data used to determine the identity of the object depicted in the Kabot photo -- Thorough examination of the articles analyzed, and data relating to the "red residue" -- Review of debris field database -- Analysis of engine damage -- Complete details relating to the examination of CW504.-- Investigation into the NTSB's failure to identify a private aircraft which transmitted messages to Gabreski ATC on the evening of 7/17/96. The pilot indicated he saw a "boat leaving it (the TWA800 crash scene) in a Westerly direction." The pilot transmitted his tail number to the ATC.

(Note -- Subsequent investigation by this author has identified this aircraft. The information was turned over to the FBI on 12/18/02)

The importance of interviewing the pilot of this aircraft cannot be understated. He just may be the only adult individual to witness what has been coined the "30-knot track" (as seen on radar) indicative of a surface vessel leaving the scene of the tragedy. This was the only surface vessel the FBI failed to identify.

3. Recently uncovered evidence gleaned from a once secret FBI report (BNLabs Report) offers indications of events totally unrelated to a spontaneous overpressure in the CWT caused by mechanical failure. This evidence warrants further investigation.

4. Finally, the investigation should be re-opened. The review should have the proper independent oversight.

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