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May 18, 2001

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO)

Contact: Tom Stalcup, 508-725-8807, 33 Ridgeview Dr., Falmouth, MA, 02540,

Missing FBI Documents in McVeigh and Flight 800 Investigations Timothy McVeigh's bombing was the worst act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history.

TWA Flight 800 was one of the worst airline disasters in U.S. history.

In each case, the FBI unlawfully withheld documents for years afterwards.

Evidence withheld by the FBI during its Flight 800 Investigation:

WITNESSES: The FBI withheld from the National Transportation Safety Board all witness documents--the same types of FBI documents (302's) that materialized recently related to "Jon Doe No. 2" interviews--that included descriptions of a streak of light colliding with an aircraft for more than one year after the crash. While the media speculated about an external cause, the FBI classified as "secret," witness accounts that confirmed such speculation.

The FBI continues to list as "unable to locate," crucial eyewitness documents, including witness sketches and graphics of a surface-originating streak. Also, significant gaps remain in the existing
documents' numbering system, indicating that hundreds of other accounts may remain unreleased.

FORENSICS: The FBI confiscated from the New York Suffolk County Medical Examiner all foreign objects found imbedded in the crash victims' bodies to be sent for analysis. But according to a sworn FBI affidavit sent to Springfield, MA Federal District Court in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed by FIRO, no test results on any of the items taken from 89 bodies could be found after a "thorough search."

In the wake of the recent execution-delaying FBI document release, Senator Charles Grassley has called for "a top-to-bottom review" of the FBI. FIRO agrees and hopes that such a review will locate the missing documents and reports in the TWA Flight 800 case.

FIRO is a group independently researching the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800. Its membership includes engineering, aviation, and military professionals.

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