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FIRO President Tom Stalcup

Dear FIRO List Members:

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean about
eight miles south of Long Island, NY.  Hundreds of witnesses observed the
crash and saw a "streak of light" precede an initial midair explosion.
Last summer, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded
that the streak of light was Flight 800 in "crippled flight."

A new independent study presents the results of a statisical analysis of
the witness evidence, reporting that a majority of the witnesses who
reported seeing a rising "streak of light" moments before the crash
contradict the NTSB's explanation of the streak and clearly establish that
the official theory is untenable.

Additionally, the study shows that the FBI and NTSB suppressed the witness

1) The FBI withheld the accounts of 278 witnesses from the NTSB for more
than one year after the crash.  All witness accounts with descriptions of
a "streak" colliding with an aircraft were concealed from the NTSB in this
withheld data.

2) The FBI ostensibly lost the results of a study to determine the origin
of an alleged surface-launched object seen before the crash.  Those
results are officially listed as "unable to locate" by the FBI.

3) At the first public hearing on the crash, the FBI prevailed upon the
NTSB to prohibit any discussion of the witness evidence.

4) Official witness sketches that purport to show a surface-launched
object cause the crash have never been discussed or addressed in any
report or public hearing on the crash.

5) The witness evidence was withheld from the public until April 2000,
almost four years after the crash.

6) At the final public hearing on the crash in August 2000, the NTSB
dramatically under-reported the number of witness accounts that conflicted
with their proposed crash scenario.

This fully referenced report will be released on Tuesday night (5/8/01),
during the New York City and world-wide broadcast of the "Expert Witness
Radio Show."  The show, hosted by the highly decorated former DEA agent
and New York Times best selling author Michael Levine, will take a close
look at this report and its implications.

Tune in at 7PM Eastern time this Tuesday (5/8/01):


In New York City:
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Tuesday 7-8 p.m.

Tom Stalcup
Chair, Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization

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