Associated Retired Aviation Professionals

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO)

For Immediate Release:
August 18, 2000
Contact: Tom Stalcup, Chair, FIRO
10C Bell Tower Ln.
Woods Hole, MA  02540

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO)
Washington, D.C *Press Conference* on 8/21/00 at the L'Enfant Plaza Hotel

Date/Time: Monday, August 21, 2000 at 11:00 AM
Place: The Caucus Conference Room, L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Flight 800 victims' family members, former NTSB crash investigators, an
FDR (Flight Data Recorder) expert, and FIRO representatives will meet in
Washington, D.C. this Monday for a press conference. 

*Not all Victims' family members buy the NTSB theory for the crash.*
Representative of several French families, Msr. Breistroff will speak
about his ordeal over the past four years trying to get the truth from
U.S. government agencies about the crash that took the life of his Olympic
hockey star, and Harvard student son.  American family member Marge Gross
will also share her feelings about the NTSB investigation.

*Evidence of FDR manipulation*
Court certified FDR Expert Glen Shulze has found evidence of "altered
data" in recently released TWA 800 FDR data.   Shulze will discuss how he
found a "mathematical anomaly" in the FDR tape, just before Flight 800
exploded.  Evidence of a "splicing peak" will also be presented.

*NTSB Crash Scenario is invalid*
FIRO Chairman, Tom Stalcup, will explain in detail how and why the NTSB
crash scenario is invalid.  With the aid of two new animations, he will
show how the federal crash scenario falls behind the radar data by over
1/4 mile and 7 seconds.

*Former NTSB Investigators Dismayed*
Captain Richard Russell will represent several former NTSB crash
investigators by discussing serious problems in the present structure of
the NTSB that have led the NTSB astray in the Flight 800 investigation.

FIRO is a group of over 50 individuals including scientists, engineers,
and former crash investigators who have conducted independent research
into the cause of the TWA Flight 800 tragedy.  FIRO maintains a website at

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