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TWA Flight 800 crashed off the coast of Long Island, NY in the summer of
1996.  Over 600 eyewitnesses were interviewed by the FBI.  NOT ONE witness
was ever allowed to testify at ANY public or closed-door hearing on the
crash.  See the second article, linked below

Lead FBI TWA investigator James Kallstrom said the U.S. Navy conducted
"classified maneuvers" on the night of the crash.  To THIS day, the Navy
is hiding information from the night of the crash about "the movement of
significant Naval units" under a cloak of "National Security."  See the
first article, linked below, for the full story.

1) "National Security Invoked Regarding TWA Flight 800" at:

Discusses the Navy's decision to invoke "national security" to hide
information concerning "the movement of significant naval units" on the
night Flight 800 crashed.  Details various ship movements near the crash
site and highlights the closest ship (3 miles), which the FBI has been
unable to identify.

2) "The Eyewitnesses: A brief review of official declarations" at:

Discusses the gathering and analysis of eyewitness evidence in the federal
investigation of TWA Flight 800.  Astonishing, contradictory stances taken
by the National Transportation Safety Board Witness Group are revealed.

acquaintances if you find the articles interesting.  Provided as a free
service from Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO)-

Tom Stalcup
Chair, FIRO 

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