The Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO)

Point of contact: Graeme Sephton
623 Wendell Rd, SHUTESBURY, MA 01072
(413) 367-2253 H, (413) 545-6504 W



Wednesday, 14 July 1999

An independent group of civilian researchers, known as the 
Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO), will 
hold a press conference at the Long Island Marriott in 
Uniondale, Long Island, NY, (just east of JFK airport), 
on the afternoon of Friday, 16 July 1999, immediately 
after the sentencing hearing of James and Elizabeth Sanders. 
That hearing is scheduled to begin at 1pm EDT (1700 GMT). 

James Sanders is the author of the book "The Downing of TWA 
Flight 800". He and his wife were convicted of conspiracy, 
in connection with the removal of a small piece of seat 
material from the (Calverton) Long Island hangar where the 
wreckage was stored and examined. New, independent analysis 
of radar data from the crash will be released which 
contradicts the crucial mechanical malfunction theory 
hypothesis that Flight 800 climbed.

FIRO includes in its 44 members, substantial professional, 
technical, aeronautical, engineering, radar and scientific 
expertise. Most members have been actively involved in 
investigating the crash of TWA Flight 800 for over two 
years. In May they presented written testimony at the
House Aviation Subcommittee NTSB Reauthorization Hearing. 

Tom Stalcup, chairman of FIRO, will present information 
supporting the contention that the FBI selectively 
prosecuted the Sanders, ignoring similar, well-documented 
actions, by FBI agents. The Sanders prosecution is consistent 
with FBI efforts to suppress evidence of an external
explosion as the cause of the crash. Indeed, an FBI letter 
dated two days prior to the Sanderses being charged, 
effectively banned from the only public hearing on the 
tragedy, 96 eyewitnesses who reported an object rise 
from the surface, explode, and cause the crash. Also 
banned were explosive residue test results. The FBI 
continues to suppress this and similarly anomalous 
evidence, while maintaining that eyewitnesses
saw the plane rise in the sky, not a second object. 
Mr. Stalcup will present radar evidence contradicting 
any claim that Flight 800 climbed after initial distress.

FIRO is dedicated to the establishment of an independent 
review of all aspects of the official investigation and 
dissemination/public access to both the process and 
its findings. The American Public has a right to know 
all of the facts.