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TWA 800: ALPA Report Critical of NTSB Secrecy, New Doubts Raised 

The Airline Pilots Association has issued a scathing report on key areas of the NTSB handling of the TWA 800 investigation.  While the document hasn't been officially released, a .pdf copy is available at

Here is a quote cited at the website:

...the sound spectrum group has never met to review or discuss any of the testing that was conducted.  The valuable data that was collected during those tests has never been published, nor has there been any group or party opportunity to analyze the CVR from TWA800 in the light of the work that was done.  Furthermore, the NTSB has not made the analysis of a third party's study on this subject available to investigators or the public.

This is an extraordinary accusation by ALPA that once again calls into question the integrity of the official investigation.  Detailed sound spectrum analysis is an established tool that can provide invaluable information as to the nature of an explosion.  Sophisticated techniques developed from PA103 and other aviation accidents can allow investigators to determine from CVR recordings whether an explosion was a high explosive detonation or a low-order deflagration, such as the fuel-air explosion hypothesized by the NTSB. 

Despite the critical importance of this aspect of the investigation ALPA is in no uncertain terms stating that at best the NTSB has kept all of this data secret.  The failure of the mainstream press to give even cursory coverage to this sort of development in the TWA 800 investigation is shameful. 

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