Ian Goddard


The NTSB has finally "issued" their TWA Flight 800 
 eyewitness report -- over 3.5 years after the crash.[1] 
 While Reuters reports that "The National Transportation
 Safety Board Tuesday issued the report of its 'witness 
 group'," the report is in fact only being "issued" to
 a select and reliable source: the major media. Notice
 that the witness report, NTSB Public Exhibit 4A, is 
 still not to be found at the NTSB's Public Exhibit 
 webpage: http://ntsb.gov/events/twa800/exhibit.htm 
 and 4A probably won't be there when you read this.
 This allows the report to be spun by the media as the 
 end of the missile theory before critics can offer any 
 rebuttals to the report. Then, by the time the report 
 leaks out and trickles down to the little people, the 
 big people will have declared the witnesses case closed, 
 whereupon comments of critics are no longer newsworthy.

 Flight 800 Eyewitnesses: http://Flight800.org/eye.html 

 [1] Reuters: US probers say TWA 800 witness reports 
 little use: http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/000321/bc5.html 
 Tuesday March 21, 6:44 pm Eastern Time
 CNN: http://cnn.com/2000/US/03/21/twa.800/index.html 

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