An Overview of Covered-up Evidence

  (c) July 17, 1999 Ian Goddard

  Three years after the crash of TWA Flight 800, which
  killed 230 people, the Federal Government continues 
  to keep significant crash evidence hidden from the
  public while those who point to this cover-up have
  been smeared, arrested, and prosecuted for their 
  crimes of second-guessing the government's claims 
  about Flight 800. Let's review a few examples of 
  the Federal Government's intensive and on-going
  effort to keep The People and The Truth separate:

  (1) The missile seen rising from the ocean would 
  require a launch platform. Therefore, the identity 
  of every vessel in the area is of paramount import.
  The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) 
  released radar data that identifies several radar 
  tracks below the Flight 800 crash as "boats." [1] 
  When Congressman James Traficant asked the FBI if 
  such boats were identified, the FBI informed him: 
  (a) one boat that speeds away from the crash scene 
  out to deep sea is unknown, and (b) the identities
  of the other surface vessels are known but shall
  remain secret under authority of the Privacy Act.[2]

  Amazingly, not long after the FBI told Congressman 
  Traficant that the identities of the vessels below 
  the crash will be kept secret, Traficant suddenly 
  closed his inquiry and concluded that there was not
  "a single piece of solid evidence or testimony from 
  a participant in the investigation that points to a 
  cover-up." [3] It follows thus that: secret = open.

  (2) The author James Sanders released physical
  evidence from the crash that was leaked from the 
  investigation by TWA pilot Captain Terrell Stacy. 
  The evidence was two small patches of seat cushion 
  from a group of seats that were covered with a red 
  residue that may be rocket fuel. Sanders gave CBS 
  News a patch so that they could test it; instead,
  CBS returned it to the cover-up. Sanders took his 
  patch to a laboratory to have the residue tested.[4]

  The findings support Mr. Sanders's fuel theory more 
  so than the FBI's claim that it's glue. But who is
  correct, the FBI or Sanders? We cannot know because 
  (a) the FBI seized the evidence and made it disappear, 
  (b) the cushioning that was on the seats was stripped 
  off and disappeared after the Sanders leak, and (c) 
  the FBI is withholding the details of their chemical
  analysis of the residue. A cover-up in triplicate!
  The only news of this to surface in the major media 
  was the arrest of James Sanders and his wife and the 
  parading of them in chains before media cameras for 
  the crime of liberating evidence from the cover-up. 

  (3) TWA employee and member of the Cabin Interior 
  Group in the official investigation Linda Kuntz
  found that NTSB officials were altering data to 
  make it appear that seats from the rear of the 
  plane that were found in the early-debris field 
  were instead found in the later-debris field. 
  Linda Kuntz called on the assistance of two New 
  York Police Officers to photograph the sequence
  of alterations. They then informed TWA attorneys, 
  who informed the NTSB. The NTSB contacted the FBI 
  to have Kuntz investigated for taking the photo-
  graphs. Kuntz was thrown off the "investigation"
  and threatened with indictment and prosecution.[5]

  (4) A party to the official investigation, NYANG
  pilot Major Frederick Meyer (who was also a witness
  to the crash) was in charge of transporting a very 
  important piece of debris from the Calverton hanger 
  to the FBI's headquarters in Washington. About this 
  special debris, Meyer told the Village Voice [6]:

     "I knew from looking at it that it was the 
     leading edge of some aerofoil -- horizontal
     stabilizer, rudder, or wing -- and it had 
     punctures in it. We're talking about a 
     piece of aluminum alloy that is very strong 
     and rigid. In this were dimples with holes 
     in the center of the dimple, like something 
     was driven through with incredible force --
     I would say [there were] four to six holes." 

  Meyer also said the holes "were about 3/4 of an 
  inch to one inch in diameter." [7] When asked if 
  the punctures appeared to come from the outside 
  he replied: "The dimples around each hole indicate 
  that something passed through from the outside to 
  the inside." [8] Penetration from the outside to 
  the inside is prima facie evidence of an external 
  high-velocity explosion, such as the explosion 
  a proximity-fused missile warhead could deliver.

  Unfortunately the whereabouts of that important
  evidence is unknown. Robert Davey, a Village Voice
  reporter, tried to tack it down without success. As 
  he reported in the Village Voice, FBI spokesman Joe
  Valiquette "says the FBI returned the wing with the 
  suspicious holes in it to the NTSB investigation in
  Calverton... However, NTSB director Goelz says he is 
  not aware of any piece from a wing edge with holes in 
  it." [6] Gee, sounds like it slipped into a black hole.

  (5) Released by the NTSB at their public hearings,
  Public Exhibit 10A contained data from the flight 
  data recorder (FDR) of Flight 800. The last block of 
  FDR data indicated as the last second of the flight 
  recorded by the FDR contained readings that changed 
  suddenly and progressively in most of the flight 
  parameters. Two aviation experts, Commander William
  Donaldson and former TWA pilot Howard Mann, have shown
  that this last-second data tends to suggest the jet was 
  hit by the pressure wave from an external explosion.[9]

  Within a few weeks that last-second FDR data was 
  removed without any notice from the NTSB's report 
  available at the NTSB website.[10] The NTSB claims
  that the removed FDR data was actually from the 
  previous flight and was accidently recorded from 
  the tape as Flight 800 data. Analysis of the data
  tends to suggest otherwise. The only way to prove 
  that the NTSB's claim is true would be to allow 
  independent analysis of the physical tape. However,
  the NTSB won't even release the raw binary code to
  private researchers, such as Richard Hirsch. [11]

  (6) The nose section, the wings, and the rear-most 
  debris remain outside public view and access. Unlike
  part of the reconstruction that was made available 
  for limited press viewing, [12] these significant 
  portions of the plane have not been shown and are 
  not with the rest of the reconstruction. The damage 
  known to be done to the left wing is of particular
  interest. [13] Also of interest is the nose section
  in which an Associated Press report said "fragments
  of first-class passengers' china were embedded in  
  the walls and ceiling of the cabin." [14] Also the
  doors to the forward-landing-gear bay were reported 
  to have been "blown inward" by a great force. [15]
  All that evidence remains off limits to the public.

  There is much more evidence that remains concealed,
  such as data acquired by a U.S. satellite with an 
  infrared video (possibly of the variety used to 
  monitor missile launches), hundreds of witness 
  accounts gathered by the FBI, other radar data,... 
  Considering how upset conspiracy theorists have 
  made government officials, you'd think there would 
  be reason to practice open government and abolish 
  the cloak of secrecy, yet secrecy is the preference.


  Webster's College Dictionary (Random House 1991) 
  defines "cover-up" as: "any act, stratagem, or other 
  means of concealing or preventing investigation or
  exposure." Webster's Third New International Diction-
  ary (Merriam-Webster 1971) gives us this definition: 

    "cover-up: a device or stratagem for masking, 
     concealing, or preventing investigation, 
     incrimination, or discovery."

  As we can see, the many cases of concealment of 
  Flight-800 evidence by the government in an effort 
  to prevent public discovery are properly defined as 
  a cover-up. It's amazing that the FBI can cite the 
  Privacy Act to cover-up the identities of boats 
  below Flight 800 and simultaneously claim that 
  there is NO cover-up. More amazing still is that, 
  in spite of an overt cover-up, many people believe 
  claims of a cover-up are crazy. This is because they
  place blind faith in the major news networks which do 
  not investigate the veracity of government claims about 
  the Flight 800 crash but instead function as a reliable
  information-relay service for the Federal Government.

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