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E-Mail to Greta Van Sustren - CNN The Point

I was delighted to hear that you planned to interview Jack Cashell and look into the mounting evidence that Flight 800 was shot down. I posted that information at our website,, and e-mailed the 1048 people who have signed up for updates on this issue.  Finally, the major media would take a serious look at what the Government doesn't want the public to hear, that Flight 800 was shot down.  Over 100 eyewitnesses saw a missile leave the surface and impact Flight 800.
It was, therefore, with great disappointment that I watched the show only to find that instead of presenting real news, you succumbed to presenting, once again, the "approved" story line, with Jim Hall as the shill.  Not one mention of the very professional Documentary produced by Jack Cashell and no tough questions for Jim Hall.
Greta, how can you live with yourself and still call yourself a journalist???
When you see how quickly the "powers that be" squashed the Cashell interview by going to the CNN top brass, how can you not question whether they are trying to cover something up?  How can we ignore 100 eyewitnesses?
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Bob Donaldson

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