Mike Hull's email to Andrew Chaikin

Dear Mr. Chaikin:

I was interested to read your review, entitled "Tin Kickers", of Christine 
Negroni's book "Deadly Departure " in the May 14, 2000 edition of the New 
York Times. 

You indicated that "Deadly Departure" is a well-written, well researched 
chronicle of the events surrounding the crash of Flight 800.  In your review 
you stated:

"What the missile theorists called the most persuasive piece of evidence - 
radar data from ground tracking stations supposedly showing a projectile 
striking the plane - turns out to be, in the words of one specialist, 
"Twinkles that pop up and go away" like snow on a television set. 

I have had the privilege of speaking with some of the eyewitnesses to the TWA 
800 disaster.  I also have had numerous contacts with Major Meyer who was in 
the first helicopter to over fly the crash scene and who was a major witness 
for the NTSB.  In the attached document, Major Meyer's information on the 
radar data to which you refer is is not consistent with the characterization 
"Twinkles that pop up and go away". 

Recently the NTSB released all 755 FBI interviews with the eyewitnesses.  In 
the attached article I have summarized their comments and observations and I 
have connected their observations to some of the physical evidence which you 
mentioned in your review.  The eyewitness testimony is not consistent with 
the statement that the tin kickers "have come to believe that something 
created a tiny spark - so small that you would not have felt it on your 
skin."  Indeed, the eyewitnesses are able to explain how a beam from the rear 
of the aircraft ended up embedded in the cockpit!

I would greatly appreciate your professional comment on the attached document 
as an expert on the TWA 800 crash.  Should you wish to access the audio files 
provided by the eyewitnesses which are referenced in the document you may 
find these at the the following website:


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 


Michael Hull 

Date:   Mon, 15 May 2000 12:20:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
From:   Andrew Chaikin <AChaikin@SPACE.com> 
To:   "'Bardonia@aol.com'" <Bardonia@aol.com> 

Mr. Hull: 
Thank you for your note.  I am not an expert on the Flight 800 crash, as you
have described me.  I merely reviewed one book on the subject.  So, I have
no further information to offer you.

Andrew Chaikin

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