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International Herald Tribune

April 13, 2001 

The Thai Airways International plane, which was nine years old, exploded at a gate at Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok on March 3 in what was initially believed to be sabotage. The prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, had been due to fly on the plane, and Thai authorities said they had found traces of high explosives. But the safety board, which is involved in the investigation because the plane was made by an American company, said Wednesday that the FBI had found no traces of explosives. The explosion was in the center-wing fuel tank, a structure on the 737 and the 747 inside the fuselage, where the wings come together. On both models, the tank is above heat exchangers that the air-conditioning system uses to take heat out of the cabin. The weather in Bangkok was very hot, and the air conditioners had been running for about 40 minutes. 

Commentary by Mike Hull:  So now we have two different models of Boeing aircraft, both testing positive for high explosives after an explosion, yet miraculously according to the FBI/NTSB scenario both suffered from some unknown ignition problem in overheated center wing fuel tanks.  The explanation last time was that TWA 800 was ''old" and therefore had 'bad wiring'.  The Thai aircraft was nine years old! 

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