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SHOW: Channel 11 News at Ten; WPIX; New York
July 18, 1996 10:00pm;


MEDIUM: Television

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ANCHOR: - Jack Cafferty and Kaity Tong.

00.00 Fire in the sky. G; TWA logo. There is virtually no chance of any survivors in the TWA plane crash off the Long Island coast. V; Rescue efforts with TWA logo on top of screen. The passenger list has been raised to 230 people. 140 bodies have been recovered so far. G; Islamic threat from called Movement for Islamic Change. 02.10  
02.11 Terrorist act? There is speculation that a terrorist group might be responsible for the TWA jet crash. PC; FBI director says that no evidence has been found to label the crash a terrorist act. The crash is being labelled an accident. Another theory is that a surface to air missile might have been fired at the plane. G; Threat from Movement for Islamic Change. V; TWA log on tail of plane. V; TWA logo near counter of airline terminal. G; Plane's route from Athens to JFK with TWA logo on tip of screen. Jonathan Dienst reporting. 05.45  
05.46 Search for answers. The hard work of the investigation continues as the search for wreckage and survivors is ongoing. One hundred bodies and large parts of the wreckage have been recovered. V; Search for bodies and wreckage. G; TWA jet's route from JFK with TWA logo on top of screen. PC; NTSB spokesman says that a check of the maintainence records of the plane showed that the plane was in good flying condition. V; 747 plane in air. V; Scene of terror bomb crash on Pan Am jet in 1988. I; Governor Pataki says that black boxes have not been found yet. Pataki says that he has taken a TWA flight to Paris. Mary Murphy reporting. Reporter Frank Ucciardo takes over the story midway through the report. Ucciardo says that some eyewitnesses reported seeing a hot, white flash of light before the jet crashed. I; Eyewitness describes seeing the fireball. V; Bodies being loaded onto Ryder truck. 15.45  
15.46 Painful vigil. The last 24 hours have been pure agony for the families of the victims. Most of the body identifications will be done using Polaroid pictures. About 60 families have been staying at the Ramada Inn. I; Friend of victim says that family of victim has not been notified of the crash 16 hours after the crash. PC; TWA spokesman says that these things take time. I; Mayor Guiliani says that passenger list identifications could have been done overnight if somebody from TWA had stayed overnight. Red Cross volunteers provided counselling. I; Woman who missed TWA flight 800 last night says she's going to Paris on a TWA flight this evening at 6:30 p.m. Reporter says that the 6:30 flight took off on time but a TWA flight to Israel has been cancelled. Rosemary Gomez reporting. 19.00  
19.01 Interview with Mayor. SI; Mayor Guiliani says that it's an outrage that TWA did not release the passenger list for 16 hours. He continues to say that the TWA man in charge left at 2:30 a.m. Guiliani says that the passenger list identification could have been done last night. Guiliani describes some of the people on the flight. He says that not identifying the passengers has made it harder on the families of the victims. He says that TWA management disappeared and did not do their jobs effectively. Mayor Guiliani says that Tower Air cooperated with them and helped identify people who had not made the TWA flight. 22.45  
22.46 T; White House reaction and local victims. 23.06  
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25.13 White House reaction. TZ; President Clinton has urged Americans not to jump to conclusions and assume that the crash was an act of terrorism. PC; Clinton says that the cause of the crash is unknown. Tim Calhoun reporting. 27.35  
27.36 T; Pennsylvania town grieves and TWA Paris flight booked tonight. 27.54  
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30.25 G; Cadillac logo as sponsor of segment. 30.34  
30.35 Local victims. TZ; Some of the victims of the TWA crash were from the local area. G; Names of local victims of the crash. G; Picture of Tenafly man with his family who died in the crash. I; Friend calls victim a fine gentleman. Glen Thompson reporting. 33.15  
33.16 Young victims. TZ; 16 high school French Club students and their 5 adult chaperons from a small Pennsylvania town died in the crash. I; Track coach says it's unreal to think that the victims won't be there anymore. Roger Stern reporting. 35.35  
35.36 TWA flight to Paris. TZ; Today's TWA flight to Paris which was supposed to leave at 6;30 p.m. is expected to leave at 2;00 a.m. Today's flight is on a Boeing 767. I; TWA pilot says that it's a sad time and a time to reflect on life. The TWA flight to Tel Aviv has been cancelled. This raises speculation that the intended plane for a terrorist explosion was the Tel Aviv flight last night. Marvin Scott reporting from TWA terminal at JFK airport. 38.35  
38.36 T; Eyewitness accounts and Red Cross efforts. 38.55  
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40.56 Watching the sky. TZ; I; Eyewitness says there was an enormous explosion in the sky. I; Another eyewitness shows the drowning he made of the crash that he saw. The town of East Moriches is just trying to cope. Pauline Liu reporting. 43.10  
43.11 T; More crash coverage. 43.18  
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45.50 Crisis team. TZ; G; TWA logo. 27 crisis workers have been with the victims to try to help them cope. Most of the crisis workers are from the Red Cross. I; Red Cross worker says it's been exhausting. V; Red Cross truck. All Red Cross crisis workers are medically trained and have been through a Red Cross crisis course. Stacy Santos Miles reporting. 48.40  
48.41 T; Weather and Sports. 48.55  
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51.25 G; Dodge logo as sponsor of segment. 51.34  
51.35 Weather with Mr. G. 53.05  
53.06 Preview of Sports. 53.35  
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56.04 G; Infiniti logo as sponsor of segment. 54.10  
54.11 Sports with Sal Marchiano. > Shaquille O'Neil signs with LA Lakers for $ 120 million. > Yankees losing to Brewers. > Mets lose to Expos. 58.36  
58.37 Crash update. 59.20  
59.21 Conclusion. 59.25  
59.26 G; Dodge logo as sponsor of segment. 59.33  
59.34 G; WPIX news bureau address. 01.00.00  
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