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Aviation Daily: NTSB Clears Composite Tail In American 587 Probe
By Sean Broderick/Aviation Daily
30-Oct-2002 7:23 AM U.S. EST

In an unusually direct opening statement, NTSB kicked off the American Flight 587 hearing yesterday in Washington by all but ruling out a structural flaw in the plane's all-composite tail as the cause of the crash.

Speculation in the months after the bizarre November 2001 crash centered on a flaw in the A300-600's all-composite tail, which was found well away from the main crash site.

This statement in which the tail (Vertical Stabilizer) was found well away from the main crash site is not correct for a witness, I have spoken to who lives just off the sea wall states that he saw AA vertical stabilizer 150 yards from sea wall at 124 Street minutes after crash and that it drifted with outgoing current and wind to location were it was much latter recovered. (site thought to be impact)
That places separation much later than current NTSB investigators assumption. As I was also an eyewitness to seeing the tail separate, only after a small explosion in the fuselage followed seconds later by a quick much larger flash of flames, which after the flames (explosion) the stabilizer separates. That is how many of us unreliable eyewitness saw this accident unfold. 

Tom Lynch - Eyewitness

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