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SHOW: Nighttime Edition; NTLI; New York
July 17, 1996 10:00pm;



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00.00 open-Colleen McVey, Scott Feldman  
00.00 Breaking story, Plane crash. TWA 747 jet liner Flight 800 with 212 passengers and a crew of 17 has burst into flames and crashed into Atlantic. Coast Guard is sending every available lifeguard to scene. It was leaving JFK on its way to Paris. On phone I; Irene Kaufman witness says it looked like something blew up in the sky. She says it was terrible. On phone I; Kim Collins of Holbrook ... they lost her call. The plane went down in Center Moriches. On phone I; Ed comments on what he saw. On phone I; Kim Collins of Holbrook says she saw a fire ball which lasted 5 seconds around 8:30pm. On phone I; Carol DiMIceli of Shirley says she was looking East and saw the big red flame and didn't know what it was. There is word it could have been a terrorist attack. 10.00  
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13.00 Contined on plane crash. On phone I; Dorothy Scotti of Yaphank tells she also saw flames and smoke on way from docking her boat. Scott reports life rafts are reportedly in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I; John Coyne witness comments on what he saw. I; Betty Manzella of Shirley says she did see the plane before it crashed.  
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21.00 Continued on plane crash. A TWA plane Flight 800 has crashed. The plane left JFK around 8:30pm tonight. I; Jeff Resling of Hampton Bays tells what he saw. I; Debbie Gallagher says they were on the beach eating dinner and saw the explosion in the air and then when the plane hit the water, it exploded again. I; Rick Belyea of Suffolk Cty Executive's office says the Coast Guard is serving as the lead agency in this tragedy. I; Jack Martin 747 expert says the plane probably had an engine fire and this is why there were multi explosions. Scott reports the Port Authority is planning a news conference. They are setting up a temporary morgue in Center Moriches. On phone I; Center Moriches FIre Dept spokesman Chris Deal says for people to stay away from the area and keep the work effort down. 38.00  
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40.00 Continued on plane crash. There are conflicting reports on how many people were on the TWA plane. At Center Moriches inlet a temporary morgue is set up. On phone I; David Paoletta is another eyewitness who saw a fire ball which exploded again on the ground. Reporter Brendan Higgins is at the Center Moriches Coast Guard Station and is with I; Raymond Rizzo who had just come here when he saw an explosion. The FAA reports this was a mid air collision which crashed with a small plane. 50.00  
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53.00 Continued on plane crash. There is some word from FAA this was a mid air collision, of TWA plane crashing with a bi plane at 8000 feet. I; Larry Larson JFK pilot says this plane was filled with fuel as it was going trans Atlantic. 58.00  


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