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Miscellaneous Missile Information Sites

      Below are three websites that might deserve a look by a person
looking at a missile connection to the TWA 800 disaster:

      1. It isn't hard to locate information associating the presence of
zirconium in a missile warhead intended for incendiary effects on
targets. If you haven't looked around yourself and need a starting
place, take a look at:

      Look at the 7th warhead down from the top of the page.

      2. Concerning the conjectures as to whether there is evidence of
missile impact on TWA 800 wreckage: it is not the nature of many
missiles to actually strike the intended target. All they have to do
is to achieve a certain proximity to the target, and the design of
the warhead achieves the kill from there. Some simple graphics
illustrating this fact can be found at:

      3. There is a website called "How Stuff Works" . It includes several
pages on how Stinger missiles work
( The introduction refers
to TWA 800. One of the links on this page is named "Lots More
Information". If you go to that link, there is another link labeled
"good video", which is an 8-minute film about Stinger design,
development, and operation. Several Stinger launches and intercepts
are shown. Ejection of the launch motor is shown at least twice.

      I thought possibly the images carried by the resources cited above
could help people visualize recent investigation topics.


Additional Resources:

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