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Letter to CNN

From:     albert mundo 
Sent:      Tuesday, September 25, 2001 2:33 PM
Subject: TWA800

Dear Ms. Van Susteren,
To say that I was most disappointed that your interview with Jack Cashill was twice cancelled is an understatement. To suggest that had the truth about TWA 800 been known, it might have in some way averted the tragedy of September 11th is purely speculation. But one cannot avoid the fact that had the real cause of the destruction of TWA 800 been made public then there surely would have been a hightened awareness of the terrorist threat to this nation.
Now is not the time for public witch hunts and scapegoating, but allusions to the loss of Flight 800 as a terrorist act by people "in the know" are beginning to surface. I am referring to statements by George Stephanopoulos to Peter Jennings on ABC [ Sept. 11], and statements by Senator John Kerry to Larry King [Sept.13] and again to Chris Mathews [Sept.24]. There eventually will be hearings to determine how the perpetrators of the WTC disaster were able to proceed so far without an inkling on the part of our government. If for no reason other than the memories of the 230 victims of TWA 800, the real cause of that event must not be lost in the course of the terrorist activities hearings.
Sad to say, but for at least the past five years, the major media and so called "investigative jounalists" in this country have been egregiously derelict in their obligations under the aegis of a "free press". Maybe at last your producers and directors can be convinced that they can help to redress that disgrace by scheduling and KEEPING an interview with Mr. Cashill and even possibly Jim Sanders. Or will they wait until there's another attack as is widely predicted!
Captain Albert J. Mundo, TWA retired    

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