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28 May 2004 - Al Qaeda lists successes since 9/11 on Global Islamic Media; Includes 2001 downing of American Airlines flight 587 that went down over Queens

In a stunning revelation to the Global Islamic Media Group this morning, Al Qaeda has revealed that they were responsible for the downing of American Airlines flight 587 over Queens in November 2001.

The article, published this morning on Global Islamic Media's Yahoogroup, lists the successes that Al Qaeda has achieved since the attack on America in September 2001. Al Qaeda has previously claimed credit for all of the other attacks on the list. The cause of the AA flight 587 crash is still listed by the FAA as accidental, with no indications of terrorism.

The following list itemizes the attacks that they are claiming:

  • Downing of the American Airlines plane over the Queens district of New York (City) on the 26th day of Shaban in the (Islamic) year 1422, equivalent to November 12th, 2001, killing 265 passengers as well as residents of that district.
  • Bali nightclub attack in Indonesia that killed more than 200.
  • Attack on Djerba, Tunisia Jewish temple, killing 20 German Jews.
  • Attack at Faylakah in Kuwait.
  • Attack on the French tanker Limburgh in Yemen.
  • Attacks on Mombasa in Kenya against Jewish tourists, who were attacked in the their hotel, and the unsuccessful attack on the El Al airline with two missiles.
  • Attack on the Marriott Hotel in the Indonesian capital
  • Attacks in eastern of Riyadh, on residential districts where Americans and other westerners live
  • Electrical power blockouts in the northern portions of America and the southern areas of Canada
  • Electrical power blackouts in Great Britain.
  • Attacks in Istanbul against the Jewish synagogues.
  • Attachs in Istanbul battles against the British bank and the British consulate, in which the British consul was killed.
  • Battle of Badr Riyadh in the residential complex
  • Attack on the United Nations building in Baghdad in which Sirgo Des Milo, Kofi Annan's envoy, was killed
  • Attacks in Nasserya against the Italian forces
  • Attacks in Casablanca
  • Attempted assassination of a dangerous ally of America, Pervez Musharraf
  • Attacks in Madrid against three trains, killing 200 and injuring more than 1500 injured,


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