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NTSB Statement on Flight 587


In the course of the NTSB's continuing investigation, over 350
eyewitnesses to some segment of the accident sequence have been identified.
Those who have not already provided written statements or been interviewed
by NTSB personnel will be contacted shortly.  Some of these individuals
mentioned observing fire or smoke before the plane impacted the ground,
although the majority of them do not.  Although at this time no physical
evidence of an inflight explosion or fire has been discovered, the Board is
taking into full consideration the observations of all witnesses.  Witness
statements will be made part of the public docket of this investigation.

As previously announced, the Safety Board has established a web site
( for eyewitness statements.  All persons who can provide
eyewitness testimony about this accident who have not yet been in contact
with Safety Board personnel should contact the NTSB through this site.

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