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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 18, 2000 SB-00-18


Washington, D.C.  - For the first time, the National Transportation Safety
Board will be presenting a public Board meeting "live" via the World Wide
Web.  Because of the overwhelming public interest about the TWA 800 accident
and the much anticipated release of the final report, the Safety Board is
making it possible for the general public to watch the Board meeting from
their computers.

The Safety Board will consider the final report on the investigation into
the crash of TWA flight 800.  Viewers who are not in attendance for the
2-day meeting beginning on Tuesday, August 22, at 9:30 a.m., will be able to
follow the entire Board meeting from gavel to gavel on the web.

For the webcast, users should have a least a 56k modem, speakers, and the
RealPlayer software installed.  An online video archive will also be
available following the event.  For those wishing to download the satellite
signal directly, the C-Band Satellite coordinates and all times are in
Eastern Time (DST).  Ending times may vary due to the daily Board meeting
schedule.  All Audio is at 6.2/6.8.  The Telestar 6 is located at 93.0
degrees west.

The audio will be carried on 6.2 and 6.8 MHz.

Date Time Satellite Trans/CH H/V D/L Freq.

08/22/00 0900-1830 Telstar 6 12/12 H 3940
08/23/00 0900-1700 Telstar 6 12/12 H 3940

Complete information will be posted at

Media contact: Keith Holloway, (202) 314-6100

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