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TWA Flight 800 - What Really Happened?/Dead Sea Scrolls

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 took off from Kennedy airport in New York City bound for Paris, France. In one of the most horrific air disasters of all time, TWA flight 800 exploded in mid-air and fell into the Atlantic Ocean just east of Long Island. Could it be that even as TWA Flight 800 left the ground some as yet undiscovered mechanical failure had already planted the seeds of disaster? Or was there something more sinister? Experienced witnesses claim what they saw in the sky was definitely military ordinance. Is it possible that TWA Flight 800 was the victim of a military miscalculation or a covert act of terrorism? Has eye-witness testimony been altered, suppressed and even ignored? We'll look at the latest independent research and it's startling implications. And in part two of this program we'll examine the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th Century...perhaps of all time. The Dead Sea Scrolls. These scraps of ancient documents pu! rport to actually contain material that could alter or change the modern view of both Judaism and Christianity. Yet thousands of fragments found in caves near the dead sea still remain not only un-translated but unread. Will modern technology bring these ancient texts to life and give us an even closer look at the world in which Christ lived? An ancient Copper scroll seems to point the way to a vast hidden treasure of untold wealth....or is it just ancient folklore? The Dead Sea Scrolls have provided scholars, theologians, and archaeologists with expanded understanding, new conflicts and ongoing controversy. We'll see what light new technology has thrown on this 2000 year-old mystery?

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The TWA 800 program will be airing on PAX TV on Friday, Feb 8.  DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!  Everyone involved in the project has agreed, this will be one outstanding program for an outstanding topic that deserves attention.  THIS STORY NEEDS TO BE HEARD! 

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