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Tuesday May 15, 8:35 am Eastern Time

Press Release
SOURCE: Air Safety Online

Air Safety Online Releases Groundbreaking New Study on U.S. Airline Safety; Launches New Aviation Accident Database

OAK FOREST, Ill., May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Aviation safety news and information web site Air Safety Online today released a groundbreaking new report entitled ``Air Safety in America,'' focusing on causes and effects of top aviation safety issues.

The report is divided into five main sections: 

    -- Making the Grade
       Air Safety Online staff spent months reviewing every
       aspect of virtually every U.S. commercial airline's safety data.  All
       of this is packaged in an easy-to-read format for use by the media and
       the general public, as well as by airline industry professionals.

    -- Interview with John Clark
       Air Safety Online Editor Dan Rupp sat down
       with John Clark, the director of air safety at the National
       Transportation Safety Board in Washington, DC.  Mr. Rupp and Mr. Clark
       discussed trends in aviation safety in the United States, past and
       present, and their possible implications for future air travel.

    -- Fuel Tank Dangers
       In "Fuel Tank Dangers," Air Safety Online took an in-depth look into
       the causes of the all-too-common explosions in the center fuel tanks of
       Boeing-made airliners.  Examples used in the report include the 1996
       crash of TWA Flight 800, and the fatal March, 2001 explosion of a Thai
       Airways Boeing 737.

    -- Search for Answers
       Air Safety Online Editor Dan Rupp went undercover in "Search for
       Answers," to determine exactly how much critical safety information a
       major U.S. airline will provide to a passenger prior to the purchase of
       a ticket.

    -- The Unhealthy Skies
       Renowned Aviation Health Institute Director Farrol Kahn discusses the
       causes of DVT - the so-called "economy class syndrome," that has
       possibly taken hundreds of lives.  Methods of prevention are also
       presented in an easy-to-follow guide, exclusive to Air Safety Online.

``This report, 'Air Safety in America,' is truly groundbreaking. Never before has there existed a single web site where air travelers can look up the safety record of a particular airline, free of charge,'' said Air Safety Online Editor Dan Rupp.

The ``Air Safety in America'' Special Report can be found only on Air Safety Online at /

Air Safety Online also today released , the Internet's first fully searchable aviation accident database. At , users can locate accident records for any airline, and any aircraft type, in a fully customizable search format. is available at /

Air Safety Online is the Internet's leading aviation safety news and information resource. In operation since December, 1998, Air Safety Online has been featured on CNN, CBS News, ABC News, and in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune,, and countless other major media outlets and web sites.

For more information, contact Dan Rupp by phone at (708) 687-8023, by e-mail at, or via fax at (708) 687-8063. 

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