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TWA FLIGHT 800: Streaks in the Air
--Exclusive Eyewitness Radio Show: Live Webcast--

Eyewitnesses described streaks in the sky before TWA Flight 800 crashed
into the Atlantic Ocean.  Two will be appearing on Mike Levine's "Expert
Witness" radio show.  They'll discuss the object they saw rise from a ship
below Flight 800 and cause the crash.

TUESDAY (12/19/00) @ 7PM (Eastern Time): LIVE WEBCAST OF SHOW AT:

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Tune in LIVE: New York City's WBAI (99.5 FM)

Triangulation exercises have placed the origin of the "streak" at the
closest ship to the crash.  This ship was tracked by radar, but never ID'd
by the FBI.  Thirty-plus other ships have been identified, just not this
one, said former FBI Assistant Director Lewis D. Schiliro.

See: , for details regarding ships
near TWA Flight 800, relevant government documents and radar-tracking.

Mike Levine is an ex-DEA agent and NYT Best Selling Author.  Mike is a
long-time critic of the "war on drugs" campaign, with first-hand knowledge
of corruption and deceit tactics used to perpetuate the "war."  Books:
"The Big White Lie" and "Deep Cover."

Independent Researcher, Tom Stalcup, will join Mike and the eyewitnesses
on the show, updating us on the status of an ongoing independent probe
into the crash.

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