March 16, 2000    

Asiaweek magazine said on Thursday that exiled Saudi Arabian dissident Osama 
bin Laden is dying of kidney failure. The weekly news magazine, quoting "a 
Western intelligence source who has been tracking him," said in its latest 
edition the kidney disease had begun to affect bin Laden's liver and 
associates were trying to obtain a dialysis machine to stabilise his 
condition. The United States has accused bin Laden of leading a "terrorist" 
network and masterminding the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa 
that killed more than 200 people. Asiaweek said bin Laden, 45, who is in 
Afghanistan, remained mostly conscious and was able to talk and hold 
meetings. But "the man is dying," Asiaweek quoted the source as saying.

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