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You're probably aware that fomer Senator Warren Rudman, co-chair of a panel on US response to terrorism, referred to "the TWA shootdown" on the PBS Newshour on October 31, 2002. I practically jumped out of my chair when I heard him say it. Neither he nor the interviewer, Margaret Warner, reacted at the time, but at the end of the interview, Ms. Warner came back on and said that Senator Rudman "didn't mean to use the word 'shootdown.'" (I don't doubt that he didn't mean to tell the truth in this case - it just slipped out.) A transcript of the interview, including the editor's note saying he "didn't mean" to say shootdown, is still on the PBS website, at


It's about halfway down the page. Here is the relevant passage, quoting Senator Rudman:


"Jim Kallstrom who I think is known to you and most Americans an extraordinary FBI agent who as you know was involved in the TWA shootdown and in the last year has been helping Governor Pataki of New York and those enormous problems in that city." 


[Editor's Note: Former Sen. Warren Rudman said he did not mean to use to word "shootdown" to describe the TWA crash off Long Island in 1996.]




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