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E-Mail to Chuck Taylor - Seattle Times

Subject: Diodes Squared
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 16:01:20 GMT

CT, YES to your question of a few days ago on page C10 of the Boeing FL 800 report which mentions the Honeywell Diodes circuit. The Boeing report is much, much, much more detailed than the NTSB report on the stray ignition pulse theory.

I am not surprized that the NTSB choose not to recognize the existance of what I will call "The FQIS Explosive Voltage fail safe diode circuitry", as this would further weaken an already weak theory with no supporting hard evidence.

It appears the Honeywell engineers are the authors of the Diode circuitry and you can understand why. If their FQIS design, requiring wires, voltages, currents, Jules to run into the CWT, they would be vulnerable to all kinds of grief when the first tank blew up.

BOEING:"What---your designers didn't consider the possibilty of a stray explosive voltage finding it's way into our fuel tanks riding on your FQIS wiring ---you idiots!"

What I find frustrating is that neither Boeing nor the NTSB provides a simplified schematic drawing of the FL 800 FQIS showing relationships of wire runs, their relative distances and length of runs, their different shielding, grounding and insulation methods, the location of the fail safe 
diodes, etc.

I am no stranger to the intracacies of wiring coupling phenomena and potential sneak paths between differnt circiuts. But, I cannot tottaly understand the Boeing plain vanilla text, page C10, without a schematic to support what the words are trying to say.

After all, 230 innocent people deserve more than these superficial and incomplete analyses, regardless of the missile theory or whatever the initiating event was. Shouldn't, in this most important aviation accident investigation, the family members have a single CONSENSUS report on the stray ignition pulse possibility--the most probable cause--signed to by ALPA, NTSB, Boeing and Honeywell?

Chuck, in my mind the investigation is far, far from complete.

cheers,    Name With held 

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