National Press Club
Press Conference
7-17-2000 - 10:30 AM

Advance Statement of CDR W. S. Donaldson, USN Ret., ARAP Air Crash Investigation:

We are at a critical point in the investigation into the air disaster known as the downing of TWA flight 800.

This is the fourth anniversary of that event. During this 48 month period, virtually the entire second term of the Clinton administration, the political leadership in both the Justice Department and the national transportation safety board have taken aggressive and sometimes illegal proactive steps to ensure the American people remain ignorant of the cause of the loss of this aircraft with 230 souls aboard.

The NTSB is now poised to issue a final report, timed just before the administration turns over power, unchanged from the contrived nonsense first spun to the American public by Mr. James Hall, Chairman of the NTSB, in April of 1997. 

With the willing cooperation of the nation's major media, the administration has been successful in making a majority of citizens believe one of the world's safest aircraft blew itself up on a routine flight to Paris. 

Even more remarkable, these modern day alchemists say this unique aviation event was caused by the ignition of non volatile kerosene in an empty center wing tank that their own flight tests show was non flammable much less explosive at the altitude the aircraft broke up. To further compound insult to the intellect of aviation experts, they are insisting the source of ignition was caused by some undiscovered design flaw of which there is not one iota of physical evidence!

755 witnesses, most of which saw supersonic streaks of light and one of which described a missile impact on the aircraft wing root were ignored; FBI and Suffolk county marine police memorandum from their most qualified agents in the field, that specified the precise offshore launch point of two missiles were ignored; radar evidence of a left to right missile impact through the aircraft and the establishment of a separate missile debris field publicly predicted by myself and privately predicted to the FBI by U.S. air force missile experts was ignored; a department of defense report done by U.S. navy missile experts requesting shoulder fired weapons be fired at 747 wing root fuel tanks was ignored; the Ram hydraulic over pressure of the entire left wing tank system was ignored; the explosion and total destruction of the left wing root fuel tank [#2 main, which was also the initiating event]  was ignored; the failure and separation of the entire left wing at its strongest point [the wing Root] was ignored and none of the appropriate metal testing to determine which fuel tank exploded first has been done. 

As I stated during my 6 May 1999 testimony before the house aviation subcommittee, “if these faults are not rectified prior to a final report, it would be my professional opinion the NTSB would be severely malfeasant and to expect me to make the appropriate criminal and civil complaints with federal and local authorities.”

For those of you who wish to remain abreast of these issues I would advise you to visit our web site, ( and sign up with the web master for the email alert list.

Attached to the statement you will find an OPED that was submitted to the Washington post 4 July 2,000. It was not published. This was certainly not a surprise to me, considering the Washington post has been more than friendly to the administration through all of its travails.

I would hope thinking citizens, would find it somewhat disconcerting that although I had the standing with the House Aviation Subcommittee to be the only person called by Chairman Duncan for testimony he knew would be severely critical of the NTSB in 1999 but the Washington Post can not muster the courage to stand up to the pressure they would get from their friends in the administration if they published similar information.  I'm releasing this OPED to the public hoping other media are more professional and have the nerve to properly exercise their First Amendment government oversight responsibilities for the people. 

Bill Donaldson

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