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SwissAir Crash Determined - Anonymous 

 A Canadian Panel has determined that SwissAir flight 111, which crashed off Halifax, Nova Scotia in september 1998, killing all 229 persons aboard, was brought down by faulty wiring in the cockpit overhead panel. Strangely, the panel credits shorting wire sparks hitting flammable insulation foam with causing the fire that consumed the aircraft.

This, of course, contradicts forensic evidence showing that passengers bodies in the passenger cabin were badly incinerated before the crash into the Atlantic. Somehow, the NY Times article doesn't mention this. They claim that a newly installed seatback entertainment system overloaded the plane's electrical system causing the fatal wire burnout. What they don't tell you is that it is commonly known in aviation circles that those wiring systems are designed with circuit breakers and safety devices made to prevent such an occurrence. With this probably in mind, the article notes that no proof has yet surfaced that this was the provable reason for the crash. They go on to add that the entertainment systems blamed as the cause were all removed shortly after the crash. What they don't tell you is no similar event ever occurred anywhere else on any MD-11 because of this, nor were there any flaws found on the remaining inspected MD-11 wiring in other aircraft.

I've spoken with commercial airline pilots and they told me confidentially that there's 'no way' that the MD-11 aircraft would be brought down by such happenings.

What makes their account unbelieveable is how the event actually happened. If the fire started in the cockpit overhead panel, the pilots would be the first to realize it. What the forensics showed was that the passengers in the back were already badly burned, suffocated, and dead before the pilots succumbed. I would like for the panel to explain how the pilots could fly the plane while the passengers were dying in the cabin if the fire was located in their overhead panel?

According to official accounts, Swissair developed smoke in the cockpit problems a half-hour into the flight. The pilots were aware of a serious problem and turned towards Boston to make an emergency landing. Boston ordered them off their field to Halifax. The pilots had sqaundered precious minutes by making this desperate turn. Upon reaching Halifax the plane was too heavy with fuel to safely land. The captain made a judgment call to circle for a fuel dump. It was his last. The burning aircraft crashed 10 miles off Nova Scotia before it could reach the runway. The investigation showed the pilot's bodies to have melted cockpit plastic on them. This forensic was only possible in an extreme cockpit fire situation.

A year or so after the crash I read a Times article discussing captured Al Queda documents saying that plans were found for suicide terrorists to bring flammable liquids on a commercial airline flight and light them ablaze. The fluids were to be carried onboard in containers or liquor bottles. The cabin environment is extremely conducive to fire. Needless to say, I think we know which one they were successful at.

If you care to view the passenger list for SwissAir Flight 111, you'll find over a dozen arab names on the list...




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