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August 26, 1996   

International News      

The Telegraph (U.K. Electronic Edition)       Issue 460

FBI looks to Muslim trial for TWA bomb clue....traces of nitroglycerine, in addition to .. a chemical used in plastic explosive, have been detected on wreckage from TWA Flight 800. .... the discovery of the nitroglycerine also baffling investigators. "The amazing thing is that nitroglycerine is water soluble, so to get a positive test result from a piece of wreckage that was under water, is kind of amazing," one of the investigators said yesterday. "Right now, we aren't sure what to think." .... Officially, the FBI is refusing to comment on ... reports that nitroglycerine had been discovered. But it did confirm ... that traces of.... PETN (penta-erythritol tetranitrate), had been found .... Nitroglycerin ..... has been used before in a terrorist attack on a Boeing 747.    PETN, often used with other explosives and chemicals to make it malleable, was used in the Lockerbie bomb and has been found in at least two other explosive devices on American aircraft.

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