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                  Official TWA 'findings' bogus 

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                  I hate conspiracy theories as much as the next
                  person, but the garbage being sold as "fact" by
                  the federal National Safety Transportation
                  Board -- that TWA Flight 800 exploded in
                  midair July 17, 1996, because of some spark
                  igniting an empty fuel tank -- is just too much. 

                  For four years this agency, along with the FBI,
                  has routinely and purposefully ignored
                  voluminous evidence offered (or attempted to
                  be offered) by dozens of eyewitnesses who have
                  tried to tell authorities that something --
                  something -- streaked towards the airplane the
                  night it blew up, just minutes away from New
                  York enroute to Paris. 

                  Yesterday the NTSB said -- again -- that an
                  explosion in the center fuel tank is what brought
                  the plane down. Investigators attempting to
                  gain credibility by agreeing "one final time" to
                  an examination of evidence collected since the
                  disaster said it was "inescapable" that TWA 800
                  went down in this way: 

                  "The bottom line is that our investigation
                  confirmed that the fuel-air vapor in the center
                  wing tank was flammable at the time of the
                  accident, and that a fuel-air explosion with Jet A
                  fuel was more than capable of generating the
                  pressure needed to break apart the center wing
                  tank and destroy the airplane," said Bernard S.
                  Loeb, director of aviation safety for the National
                  Transportation Safety Board. 

                  Sounds convincing enough, doesn't it? But
                  here's the kicker: "Loeb said investigators still
                  have not yet determined exactly what caused
                  the vapors to ignite, though they believe an
                  electrical short was the likely cause of the blast,"
                  Fox News reported Tuesday. 

                  In other words, nobody knows -- but they do
                  know, they say, that it wasn't a bomb or a

                  Boys, you're lying through your teeth. And how
                  dare you people trick the surviving families
                  into believing your "big bang theory"; you
                  should be ashamed of yourself. 

                  Yes, I know, critics -- "Stop with the conspiracies

                  Fair enough, but I suggest critics start
                  demanding the same thing of our federal
                  "investigators" who, because of BS political
                  concerns and agendas, refuse to tell Americans
                  what really happened to one of our airliners. 

                  Witnesses who lined the New York coastline
                  that fateful night four years ago -- including
                  military veterans and some military pilots --
                  have consistently described the "object" streaking
                  towards TWA 800 as a missile. There was no
                  mistaking it, they have said; they were sure.
                  They were certain. 

                  But the FBI didn't want to speak with any of
                  these people; neither did NTSB. Why? What
                  you hiding, gang? 

                  It's very simple for the officious NTSB to tell us,
                  "Hey -- we found no evidence of explosives."
                  How are we going to know that unless we've
                  seen the plane and the pieces of evidence in
                  their entirety? And exactly just how trustworthy
                  have the Clinton administration's bureaucrats
                  been with the American people for the past
                  eight years? 

                  What about the radar data finally released by
                  officials showing more crafts and vessels in the
                  area the night 800 went down than previously
                  admitted. What is the reason for that lie -- you
                  know, if nothing shot this plane down and it just
                  "blew up" because a wire suddenly sparked on
                  a plane that has never had before nor since a
                  similar problem? 

                  And what about the recently completed study
                  showing that of 900-plus aircraft from 160
                  carriers examined over the past three years, that
                  none had similar or even major fuel tank
                  problems/concerns? Is that supposed to be
                  meaningless? Are the results of that study not
                  supposed to matter or be brushed off as

                  I don't think so. 

                  In 1997 the New York Times reported: "Safety
                  board officials said their leading theory of the
                  crash is that the fumes were ignited by a spark
                  of static electricity created by fuel leaking into
                  the tank. But they offered no evidence to
                  support that theory and, in fact, they could not
                  rule out a bomb or missile as the cause of the
                  explosion -- two other possibilities for which
                  there is no evidence." 

                  What has changed? Besides spending millions
                  more and adding a few more years to the
                  "investigation," this statement -- other than the
                  inclusion of the bomb/missile component -- is
                  virtually the same as the tripe being offered by
                  the NTSB now. The one major difference is, of
                  course, that there is some evidence of the missile
                  theory -- the eyewitnesses. 

                  Worse, the government has been able to find the
                  cause of all other major air crashes but now,
                  suddenly -- mysteriously -- and after spending
                  $40 million and four years, they just can't seem
                  to figure this one out? 


                  Last year I wrote, "Regarding witnesses -- if
                  Congress had been showing an interest in this
                  case -- Capitol Hill (and the American people as
                  a whole) would already know that the prime
                  witness was a guy in a USAir flight directly
                  above -- about 100 feet -- Flight 800 when it blew
                  up. They would know that this witness saw the
                  missile being launched, then guided, toward the
                  huge airliner. And they'd know that neither the
                  National Traffic Safety Board nor the FBI was
                  ever really interested in his testimony." 

                  TWA Flight 800 did not blow up because of
                  some fantasy "wiring" spark. You can believe
                  that or you don't have to, but as for me, I'm
                  convinced; I know what happened. 

                  The government is lying to you about it.

                  Jon E. Dougherty is a staff writer for WorldNetDaily

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