E-Mail Message - 7-21-00

Members of the National Transportation Safety Board:                   

Gentleman; a short note of caution,

My organization, ARAP, expects that any commentary made by the NTSB derived from the Stinger missile tests at Eglin, Air Force base will support, and I repeat, will support the TWA Flight 800 eyewitnesses. Any attempt to spin the results of this testand further  denigrate these witnesses will be a matter of grave concern. Our personnel on the scene,indicate the tests missile shots appeared almost exactly as some of the TWA flight 800 witnesses had described.

For those of you may not have been present during these tests, I would strongly urge you view the photography of a stinger missile hitting a stationary F-14 target under similar light conditions displayed on the first page of our web site http://twa800.com.

This missile was fired from a mile away, the sustainer rocket motor is still burning brighty just prior to impact [as it is designed to do for more than five seconds].This bright sustainer rocket motor plume appears just as it does in the photo for the first two nautical miles of the missile's trajectory. Anyone, who can't see this phenomenon against a dark eastern sky is most probably
legally blind. 

CDR W S Donaldson USN Ret.                                               
Air Crash Investigator  ARAP
Naval Aviator # V25283

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