The Edge with Paula Zahn

       Powerful Newsmaker Interviews
       This one-hour, hard-news program hosted by Emmy-winner Paula
       Zahn will include heavy and diverse interviews with the latest
       movers and shakers. 

       The Edge is produced by David Brown. The staff includes Anne
       Hartmayer, Jess Mayberry, Rachael McEntee, Christina Meyer, Mina
       Pertesis, Christina Timothy, and Matt Zimmerman. 
       Tonight's Topics and Guests, July 17:
       Conspiracy or Theory?
       Did a missile really cause TWA Flight 800 to crash? New information surfaces. 

       Plus, this mother says her son went into school a heterosexual and
       came out a homosexual should this justify a ban on gay teachers?
       Tonight on The Edge With Paula Zahn. 

       All guests subject to change
       Cmdr Donaldson was cancelled at 4pm today to make room for Hillary Clinton's racial slur.

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