Accuracy in Media (AIM) held a press conference on Friday, August 27, 1999.
Featured speakers were Cmdr. Donaldson from ARAP and Tom Stalcup, representing FIRO (Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization)
C-Span televised the Press Conference on C-Span 2 at 1:00pm 

The Press Briefing
The press briefing covered newly released radar data that proves the CIA and NTSB depictions of the 747 climbing after the explosion are a fraud.  Radar data shows the plane 
clearly accelerating in ground speed which indicates the aircraft was falling, not climbing as claimed by the CIA & NTSB.  The official theory of an exploding center fuel tank, put forward by the NTSB, did not explain the 96 eyewitnesses who saw a streak of light originate from the surface and end in the explosion of Flight 800.  Therefore, it was necessary to concoct a ridiculous scenario of the 747 climbing 3,000 feet after the nose came off the aircraft in order to discredit the eyewitness accounts.  The official theory explains that the eyewitnesses saw the 747 "in various stages of crippled flight" and as it rose it appeared as a streaking object before the large fuel/air explosion that occurred shortly thereafter.  Of course anyone who has ever seen a 747 flying would hardly call it a streaking object, especially as it decelerated in a climb.  Boeing certainly didn't agree with the video.  The radar data now proves that the eyewitnesses saw something that has yet to be satisfactorily explained and appears to support the missile theory. 

Also presented was a larger view of the radar data which shows an additional 30 ships in the vicinity of the crash which have yet to be publicly identified by the NTSB or the FBI.  The FBI has admitted they were unable to identify the ship closest to the crash, 2.7 nautical miles, which sped away from the scene at 30 knots.  The location of this ship was the exact spot  identified by numerous eyewitnesses as the origination of the streak which intersected with Flight 800.  Rather than consider this a serious threat, the FBI dismissed it as unimportant! 

Two eyewitnesses gave their accounts, press questions & answers and much more. 

The press briefing lasted for approximately 3 hours.  For an unofficial summary by Tom Shoemaker, click here

Video Coverage
C-Span coverage in RealPlayer format.
C-Span may re-broadcast the press briefing over the next few weeks, 
so check the C-Span listings from time to time. 
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Handouts at the Press Briefing
Cmdr. Donaldson - After 3 Years, No Answers, Many More Questions
Tom Stalcup - NTSB Altitude Adjustments added 9-2-99
Tom Stalcup - New Evidence the Main Wreckage did not Climb added 9-2-99
Tom Stalcup - 30 Surface Vessels Ignore a Tragedy added 9-2-99
Tom Stalcup - Suspicious Ship Animation -  added 9-14-99

Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO) -
FIRO is a newly formed organization dedicated to assisting official investigators determine the cause of the TWA Flight 800 tragedy.  It is made up of approximately 50 researchers with a wide range of skills all focused on determining the cause to the Flight 800 tragedy.

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