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From Notice to Mariners General Instructions:


Firing and bombing practice exercises take place occasionally or regularly in numerous areas established for those purposes along the coasts of practically all maritime countries.

In view of the difficulty in keeping these areas up to date on the charts, and since the responsibility to avoid accidents rests with the authorities using the areas for firing and/or bombing practice, these areas will not as a rule be shown on DMAHTC charts.  National Ocean Service Charts show firing and bombing practice areas defined by Code of Federal Regulations (Title 33, Part 204) in United States waters.

Any permanent aid to navigation that may be established to mark a danger area, any target, fixed or floating, that may constitute a danger to navigation, will be shown on the appropriate charts. Warning signals, usually consisting of red flags or red lights, are customarily displayed before and 
during the practice, but the absence of such warnings cannot be accepted as evidence that a practice area does not exist. Vessels should be on the lookout for local warnings and signals, and should whenever possible, avoid passing through an area in which practice is in progress, but if compelled to do so should endeavor to clear it at the earliest possible moment.

Example of such Notice to Mariners from LNM0528 dated 7-17-96: 
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NORTH CAROLINA - NEW RIVER - Firing exercises
The Commanding General, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejune, North Carolina, has advised that the area in the Atlantic Ocean between a point approximately 4.5 miles east of Bogue Inlet to a point approximately 10.0 miles southwest of New River Inlet, North Carolina, within the existing danger zone (depicted as 334.440) as shown on National Ocean Service Chart 11543, will be hazardous to navigation because of field firing exercises during the following periods:


Firing to 3 miles seaward.
All navigation is urged to avoid the above area during the periods stated except for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway where mariners traveling through this area can expect a delay of about one hour during the above times.  Range Control Boats, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejune, North Carolina monitor Channel 16 VHF-FM (156.8 MHz) and the working Channel 82 VHF-FM (161.725 MHz).  The restricted areas in New River, as shown on National Ocean Service Chart 11542, will be closed to navigation because of firing exercises during the following periods:

Jacksonville Sector  Sunrise to Sunset daily, 15 - 21 JUL 96.
Farnell Bay Sector  Sunrise to Sunset daily, 15 - 21 JUL 96.
Traps Bay Sector  Sunrise to Sunset daily, 15 - 21 JUL 96.
Stone Bay Sector  12:01 AM to Midnight, 15 - 21 JUL 96.
Stone Creek Sector 12:01 AM to Midnight,  15 - 21 JUL 96.
Grey Point Sector  12:01 AM to Midnight, 15 - 21 JUL 96.

The below listed times include a continuation of overhead fire of artillery across New River.  Mariners may experience delays in transiting the New River in Grey Point sector.


Ship operations consisting of landing craft, amphibious vehicles, and helicopters will be conducted in the Onslow Beach operating area and all sectors of New River from 12:01 AM to Midnight, 15 - 21 JUL 96. Charts:  11542, 11543

Local Notice to Mariners for the period covering the Flight 800 crash show no record of military exercises for the month of July. 

LOCAL NOTICE TO MARINERS - Weeks 24 - 30, 1996
Coastal Waters from Eastport, Maine to Shrewsbury River, New Jersey
LNM-01-24-96 - Monthly Edition
LMN-01-25-96 - Weekly Supplement
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LMN-01-27-96 - Weekly Supplement
LMN-01-28-96 - Monthly Edition
LMN-01-29-96- Weekly Supplement
LNM-01-30-96- Weekly Supplement

Conclusion:  There were no Notices to Mariners for navy exercises in the area south of Long Island anytime in the month of July 1996.

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